Dietary Intake and Medication

Our body needs a number of vitamins and nutrients for a stable immune system. In our daily busy routine it is tough to balance a proper dietary intake. We need to add extra food components in our daily routine. To dissolve extra fats people do dieting, which causes never ending weakness in the body. There are a number of cereals available which helps for this purpose without causing any kind of sickness. Nutritional supplement contains combination of different vitamins, minerals and essential components. These are used for body building purposes. They are available in the form of powder and medicine, help to gain weight faster. Every element used in the composition is approved by health organization which is demonstrated to be safe for extra intake. Some of them are made of purely botanic and herbal components which causes allergies for the people sensitive to respective herbs. However side effects appearing even after following the precautions acquire the health claim and dietary claim. Proper prescription for the intake is printed on the packing of the food supplement.

In the Siam valley of Thailand a fragrant brown rice is grown which is used as a nutritive cereal. It is widely used in the medication for the metabolic disorders and prevention of other diseases. Biochemists did research on this cereal and extracted a component Alpha-PSP is used as a medical element. An advanced bio technology of mechanical hydroxylation is used to extract the material of polysaccharide peptides for its formation. Rice is although a daily diet substance for most of the people. This food is merely a helping source of anti- aging. This chemical is used in a number of cosmetics as well for this purpose. It helps for anti inflammatory causes. Specifically this thing helps excellently in reducing cardiac risks, asthma and other respiratory problems. These benefits are scientifically approved and most of the doctors use it in the treatment of several physical and mental problems